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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Muslim Brotherhood

posted by Aziz P. at Wednesday, March 12, 2008 permalink View blog reactions
Marc Lynch aka The Father of the Aardvark is an expert on Arab media and politics. He has done exhaustive research and journalism on the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, and has argued quite persuasively that the MB is indeed serious about its commitment to democracy. Unfortunately, the United States has largely looked the other way while the Mubarak regime systematically persecutes the MB invoking the rhetoric of state security - rhetoric that is revealed to be a lie when moderate, liberal and pro-Western members of the Brotherhood are imprisoned and or prohibited from leaving the country.

Lynch laments,

“I’ve grown tired of debating the finer points of the Brotherhood’s party platform searching for clues as to their true feelings about democracy at a time when large numbers of their members are once again being arrested for the crime of trying to participate in elections.”

For more of an inside look at the Brotherhood, read Lynch's interview with Abd el-Moneim Abou el-Fattouh, a key Brotherhood reformist. The debate about the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States' foreign policy circles is alive and well, though conspicuously absent from the top echelons of the present Administration.

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