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Anti-liberal bias, I....

A week ago I had a chat with an old friend who is a political activist, and definitely on the Left side of things. He mentioned to me that recently he's been plagued a sense of ennui about "the cause," in his case, gender and sexual politics (ie; the core being gay rights, but extending outward). He recounted to me recent interactions he'd had with transgender folks and their supporters, and the fact that they'd reworked English pronouns so that it wouldn't be so heterosexist (for example, adding a third, or more, gender identifiers for those who were one of the various transexual identities). My friend is well versed in these things, and he keeps track of them, and on a fundamental level he does think there needs to be a modern day "reformation of manners" so that we are more inclusive. But even for him, enough is enough, at some point the ideals of the cause took a back seat to the minutiae of the means . In another conversation I had (this time vi