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An Investment in America

This is a general outline for what I believe would be a genuinely Purple, forward-looking platform for change. It is suitable for adoption by any political party that is genuinely interested in meeting the governance needs and expectations of the True American Majority which exists outside the sphere of our rancorous political sphere. I name it "Investment in America" because I wanted something optimistic and which suggests an incentive, as opposed to a burden (ie, a Contract). I am also limiting each plank to two or three words to make sure that they are direct and to the point and can be immediately recognized and sympathized with by the majority of Americans who are not politics or policy wonks. Here are the major planks: # Government accountability # Right to Privacy # Living Wage # Single-payer Health Care # College for all # Intelligent transit # End Corporate welfare # Micro Energy more details on each of these below the fold. I invite debate, and will open comments t