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No Democratic President will leave Iraq

At myDD there is considerable consternation about Hillary's statement that there would likely be a significant military presence in Iraq for the indefinite future . Now keep in mind I am no fan of Hillary - for reasons mostly relating to Dubai Ports World. My foreign policy prescription is to embrace Islamic liberals , not indulge in xenophobia . But I must respect the fact that Hillary is saying what all the major candidates are thinking. Now, I am aware that my pragmatic liberal interventionist views on foreign policy are directly opposed to the evolving anti-interventional conventional wisdom here. But I think that no matter your views on the use of military force (as an adjunct to other means!) you must understand the reality. That reality is that of the major viable candidates - Edwards, Hillary, Obama, Richardson - not a single one will ever fully withdraw all troops from Iraq. (whether thats the right or wrong policy is a matter for debate, but that debate isnt the purpos

'Show me the Peace Plan'

Cross posting a comment I made at Daily Kos: Lack of march towards peace hurts Israel, IMO It seems to me that it isn't in Israel's economic interests to be locked down in a constant state of turmoil over what is 1-2% of the land that they couldn't agree upon (besides Jerusalem, the right of return, and a few other details) with the Palestinians, the last time they had negotiations? Wouldn't Israel benefit from resolving the I/P matter once and for all and attempting to reign in peace in the region and in that process finding more friends around the world (people and nation states), and advancing itself economically and in other constructively positive ways? I think that some of our better leaders need to put their foot down and demand for making progress towards peace in the region, and oppose an escalation of hostility, or worse yet, an extension of the extreme bloodshed we have seen in in the Iraq engagement and quagmire. Yes, nonsensical rhetoric from Iranian presid