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"America has two great dominant strands of political thought - conservatism, which, at its very best, draws lines that should not be crossed; and progressivism, which, at its very best, breaks down barriers that should never have been erected." -- Bill Clinton, Dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, November 2004

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Saturday, November 01, 2003


Dogpile from the left,0,1055729.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines

posted by annatopia at Saturday, November 01, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
From your fingertips to God's ears, Dana. Lieberman has attacked Dean from the left.
Via the O-blog comes news that Gephardt, Kerry, Clark, Edwards, Sharpton, and Lieberman are attempting a desperation dogpile. I'm going to post a point-by-point rebuttal over on annatopia later, but for now I'd like to say that with all due respect to the supporters of the aforementioned candidates... Those guys are distorting Howard Dean's positions for their own gain. In a desperate attempt to stop Dean, they're lying and they're attempting to manipulate the voting public. And once again, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr has come to Dean's defense.
Unlike the candidates from Washington, Rep. Jackson and I believe the American people are smarter than that. We believe they will see straight through this buSHit and realise exactly what Howard Dean meant when he spoke of the Confederate Flag:
"I want all of our institutions of higher learning, our law schools, our medical schools, our best universities to look like the rest of America. And I thought that one of the most despicable moments of this president's administration was three weeks ago, when on national prime-time television, he used the word "quota'' seven times. The University of Michigan does not now have quotas. It has never had quotas. Quotas is a race-loaded word, designed to appeal to people's fears of losing their jobs.
"I intend to talk about race in this election in the south because the Republicans have been talking about it since 1968 in order to divide us. And I'm going to bring us together, because you know what? White folks in the south who drive pickups trucks with confederate flags decals in the back ought to be voting with us and not them, because their kids don't have health insurance either and their kids need better schools too."

This was the beginning of Dean articulating exactly what is wrong with the way Republicans have won elections since the sixties. They use "wedge politics" and employ - to this very day - Nixon's Southern Strategy. But the tide is turning, and Dean is poised to recapture poor and working class whites in the Southern states who continue to vote Republican even though they reap little or no benefits. He's been laying the groundwork since that incredible DNC speech back in February. Since day one, Dean's been telling the party what it's going to take to defeat the Republican party, and that includes not ceding a single state to the Republicans in 2004. We're going after the southern white vote and we're going to do it aggressively, because America works better when we are all united for a common cause.
George W Bush promised that he was going to unite us and - like most time when his lips are moving- he was lying. Howard Dean is truly capable of being that uniter, so when he says he's going to go down south and explain to these voters why they need to come back home, he means it. It's not pandering. It's not patronising. It's called being honest and helping those voters make the connection between the way they vote and the state of their schools, roads, and ecomony.
So I'll leave it to Dana to call this one, because Lieberman piled on this time. A spokesman accused Dean of flippantly speaking of "one of the most divisive, hurtful symbols in American history". I fail to see how this remark was flippant, or how it's suddenly an issue after being used for nearly a year on the stump. This reeks of desperation. Triangulation complete?


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