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Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Philly Weekly Cover: "President Dean"

posted by Joe at Wednesday, August 06, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
On top Time and Newsweek, Howard Dean lands a great cover on and an even better profile inside the current issue of the Philadelphia Weekly.

Some good excerpts:
On first glance Howard Dean looks like one of those guys--a beautiful loser, a Dem Quixote. Another McGovern liberal waiting to be fed into the Republican woodchipper, soon to be reduced to a wet pile of well-intentioned pulp. [..]

Healthcare for everyone? Real investment in education? Save the trees? Balance the budget? No blood for oil?

Nice sentiments, say the party mandarins, but we need someone who can win. Look over here: A perfectly harmless Dick Gephardt is buckling his chin strap. Let's give him the ball. How about that John Kerry, eh? He's got the hair to be president. You want youth? Try John Edwards. If you squint, he kinda looks Bobby Kennedy. Or what about Joe Lieberman? He's Jewish, you know. That's pretty neat. [...]

Howard Dean is generating something no Democrat in recent memory has: excitement. Not just partisan cheerleading, but real honest-to-goodness shake-shit-up excitement. [...]

Karl Rove is a smart man. A smart man in Karl Rove's shoes would be crapping himself right about now.
They also print a short bio which includes these two gems:
He studied beer and good times at Yale, where he graduated in 1971.
He was elected to the Vermont Legislature in 1982. He served until 1986, when he was elected lieutenant governor. In 1991 then-Gov. Richard Snelling dropped dead of a heart attack while cleaning his pool. Dr. Dean received the news while examining a patient. According to legend, his response was: "Holy shit!"
Go read everything.


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