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Thursday, July 24, 2003


Kurtz on Crowley on Kerry on Dean on Woodruff

posted by Trammell at Thursday, July 24, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
The The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, remarking on TNR Primary writer Michael Crowley's musings on Kerry, and Kerry's (I think quite sneaky and dishonest) attack on Howard Dean from yesterday's Inside Politics:
"People who talk about Kerry's ability to connect with voters typically focus on his 'aloofness' and patrician bearings. But Kerry's most off-putting quality may be his tedious long-windedness. The man desperately needs an editor lobe in his brain. When Kerry finally announced his position on Iraq last fall, for instance, he did so with a 45-minute Senate-floor sermon that threw off other senators' time slots. But the problem isn't just his big speeches; Kerry's television interviews are just as bad. Take, for example, his appearance on CNN's 'Inside Politics' yesterday. When the show's host, Judy Woodruff, asked him about the Howard Dean surge, Kerry rambled for what felt like three minutes."

We'll spare you the long monologue.

"Kerry did work in a nice swipe at Dean ('we don't need a learning curve in the presidency'). But it was buried under 20 lungfuls of blather. Kerry would do well to stop claiming that he speaks 'straight-forward, candid, with a clarity' and, like his nemesis from Vermont, actually start doing it."


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