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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Dean responds to Bush's SOTU address

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Governor Dean seems to have seriously refined his stump speeches. Tuesday he issued a stinging criticism of Bush's SOTU speech while addressing a group of Marines in South Carolina.

Specifically addressing the Iraq issue, he stated that while "every president must be prepared to use military force in defense of the United States...every president must first strive to exhaust all other means of American power at our disposal, including diplomacy with friends and allies." Dean's stated in the past that if a case for war is made, then he has no problem using our military might to ensure our security. However, he reiterated that at this point Bush has yet to make a solid case for war. "These are the young men and women who will be asked to risk their lives for freedom. We certainly deserve more information before sending them off to war."

Governor Dean also reiterated his belief that North Korea is more of a threat to Americans than Iraq. "President Bush continues his single-minded drive to go to war with Iraq, a country that all agree likely does not yet have nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, North Korea openly claims to have a number of nuclear weapons and has declared its intent to make more." This issue has troubled many people who see Bush's actions as inconsistent at best and reckless at worst.

He also offered a few choice quotes that are consistent with his ideals and his message to America.

Regarding Bush's health care proposals, Dean stated, "Not only does he have the wrong answer, he doesn't even understand the question." And Dr. Dean should know, having made health care a top priority during his tenure in Vermont.

With the economy remaining a top priority in the eyes of most Americans, Dean attacked the Bush tax cut once again, hammering home the point that it is irresponsible fiscal policy. "The best way to stimulate the economy is to balance the federal budget." This is consistent with Dean's message from the get-go. By now most Americans are aware that the Bush tax cut only benefits the wealthiest of Americans while doing nothing to help our economy recover. Anyone remember the deficits of the eighties, and the skyrocketing debt? Let us not forget that in 1980, we were the greatest lender nation, and by 1988, Reagan's borrow-and-spend economics resulted in America becoming the greatest debtor. Dean reminded his audience that "The Bush administration's borrow-and-spend fiscal policy does nothing to bolster a shaky economy."

My favorite quote from the speech is the following, which I think sums up the Bush domestic economic policy quite well: "You can't spend the same dollar on a tax cut, a war against Iraq, a fight against terrorism at home, expanding health care, and improving schools and roads. President Bush wants to borrow to pay for it all."

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