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Saturday, September 13, 2003


What Dean really said about Hamas

posted by annatopia at Saturday, September 13, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
Hamas as soldiers? Barbs from John Kerry? FAUX "news" has done it again. The lying liars misreported one of Dean's statements. Now first of all, I don't understand why anyone would take at face value a slanderous charge coming from a network that recently won a lawsuit that gave them the go-ahead to LIE to the public... But anyway... Here is the full remark that all this contention is based upon:
"There is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war, and, therefore, it seems to me that they are going to be casualties if they are going to make war."

Interpret the comment for yourself, but I just don't see anything controversial in his full remarks. Taken out of context it sounds bad, but when you get the full picture, well... what's the big freakin' deal with calling it like it is?
The problem is that FAUX only reported the following: "There is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war." Ah yes, the old "leave the rest of the remarks on the cutting room floor" move. Those folks at FAUX, wow, they really hold themselves to higher standards of journalism don't they?
I also think it's pretty damned sad that the other campaigns (I'm looking at you, Jim Jordan) take anything said on FAUX at face value. The problem with them doing so is that is legitimises the distortions that spew forth from the mouths of the FAUX talking heads. No Democratic contender should be giving away freebies to FAUX, because - get a clue guys - FAUX isn't going to be our friend during the election. If you try and curry favor with them now, it won't matter because in the end they'll turn on you. And if you legitimise their actions, they'll throw it back in your face come election time. I mean come on! They are shills for the GOP. They don't like Democrats and they won't tell the truth. They are lying liars and they distort the news to serve their own purposes.

update: More on this from The Likely Story, who kindly provides us a link to the FAUX distortion of Dean's remarks.


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