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"America has two great dominant strands of political thought - conservatism, which, at its very best, draws lines that should not be crossed; and progressivism, which, at its very best, breaks down barriers that should never have been erected." -- Bill Clinton, Dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, November 2004

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Friday, June 06, 2003


Take Action

posted by Editor at Friday, June 06, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
Two items of note crossed my inbox today, I would encourage everybody to take a few minutes to look at both of them.

UPDATE: I've stricken out the appeal to ask Kucinich to resign his candidacy. The campaign released an important notice about petitions on the official blog and the healthy debate fostered by having a large field of candidates, and I think it obsoletes this section. The importance of having a free and open field is critical to our democracy, we don't ever want to suggest that a given person has no right or is unsuitable to run for any elected office - Kucinich may be a long shot, but that puts him in good company, and he's the only one wo should be concerned with whether or not to run. --Aziz

First: There is a petition that has been established that praises Rep. Kucinich for his progressive ideals, but encourages him to end his campaign and support the grassroots movement behind Gov. Howard Dean, MD. A letter explaining it follows
Dear Fellow Dean Supporters,

A recent Associated Press article mentions that Representative Dennis Kucinich will decide this month whether to continue his
presidential bid. Rep. Kucinich is a politician of great compassion, an American who understands that the dismantlers of
government, people who seek to "starve the beast," are starving "we the people." In a time when Senator Santorum promotes bigotry in my church and my country, Representative Kucinich's vision of social justice makes me proud to be a fellow Roman Catholic and American.

Sadly, after spending decades in the political wilderness, Representative Kucinich is on the verge of again becoming a martyr
for progressivism. The press and GOP, after humiliating him for his impassioned defense of Cleveland, have tasted blood. They are
deriding his faith as "New Age" and mocking his vegetarianism. If Jerry Brown was Gov. Moonbeam, Kucinich will become Rep. Stardust.

When they are done, Kucinich will have come no closer to becoming President and will have been caricatured to the point of being
politically inviable in his own congressional district. We the people will be without one of our more powerful voices in congress.

Representative Kucinich entered the election to start a social movement. We now know that Dean's 32,000 grassroots army is that
movement. With Kucinich in the House and Dean in the White House, we will take back our country.

So please join us in encouraging Rep. Kucinich to return to the people's body of government, the US House of Representatives, by
signing our petition.

Sincerely yours,

Maurice Fiasco

The other item came to me from Brendan Fitzpatrick of New York For Dean. It is about the Newsday article in which NY's own AG, Democrat Elliot Spitzer, says Dean can't win. You may have seen the article below on it. Brendan's e'mail follows:
I've been reading the thread in New York for Dean and looked at the newspapers and really feel we need to respond to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

For those of you out of New York, or who just haven't heard, there were comments in the paper today from our state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. He said Gov. Dean is unelectable because the governor was in opposition to the war in Iraq, and a Democratic candidate cannot win if they oppose a war the polls show the majority of americans support.

We need to mobilize and let Attorney General Spitzer know that his assessment is off base.

Please email him immediately by going to, and make the following point:
- I am a new yorker, I vote and support Gov. Dean.
- He is the most electable candidate, PRECISELY because he stands up for what he believes.
- We won't win with Bush lite, we will win by presenting a clear choice, and Gov. Dean is the strongest democratic alternative to bush.
- Further, with every day that passes, the conventional wisdom for going to war seems to be more and more in question.
- Therefore, a candidate like Gov. Dean, who opposed a pre-emptive war because there was no credible case that iraq posed a direct and immediate threat to u.s. security, is becoming MORE electable.
- It is up to the people of NY to decide who is electable, not you.

Only together can we spread the message that rank and file voters like us are tired of compromising with Bush. We want a candidate that is ready, willing and able to stand up for what he believes.

Please use these talking points as a guide. The more you can put your own feelings about the Attorney General's attack on Gov. Dean in your own words the better.

Please forward this email on to other New York voters who might feel the same way.

Again, you can email Attorney General Spitzer by going to

Brendan Fitzpatrick

So start your weekend off right, and show the amazing power of the Grassroots Movement supporting Howard Dean!!!


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