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"America has two great dominant strands of political thought - conservatism, which, at its very best, draws lines that should not be crossed; and progressivism, which, at its very best, breaks down barriers that should never have been erected." -- Bill Clinton, Dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, November 2004

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Molly Ivins on Wind Power

posted by G at Wednesday, June 11, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
I'm sure it's not a coincidence that this came out the same day Dean drew more than 3200 people in Austin. As Deanyboppers know, Dean is a big proponent of wind power. Excerpts:
Remember the guy in "The Graduate" who tells Dustin Hoffman, with heavy emphasis, "Plastics"? This column is sort of in the same vein. Psst, kids, there's money in wind. If I were a fresh graduate looking for something useful and profitable to do with my life, I'd sure take a close look at windpower.
Politically, of course, the problem is we have an administration largely populated by oil and gas people with a vested interest in keeping out renewables, and a Congress that responds only to big money donations. And there ain't no bigger money than oil and gas money. The countervailing forces are the common sense of the American people and the competitive advantage that will go to nations with cheap, renewable energy. If Denmark suddenly becomes an economic powerhouse, you'll know why.

As long as we're on the environment, the Pew Oceans Commission Report released last week is grim indeed: The oceans are being fished out at an appalling rate. Many countries subsidize their fishing fleets, and the result is a disastrous level of overfishing. I know the Bush Administration doesn't like multilateral treaties, but this is a perfect example of why it's wise to keep your relations with other countries in good working order -- rather than punishing old allies for failing to encourage you in a war to stop weapons of mass destruction that can't even be found.


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