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Monday, June 02, 2003


the Dean National Media Network

posted by Aziz P. at Monday, June 02, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
I've been very remiss in not posting this link earlier. Richard of the SF4Dean Meetup group has been in contact with the people at HowardDean.TV andteh campaign and are planning a coordinated Media Network to consolidate all the various Dean media resources that people are developing, and organizing a coordinated response and archive of future appearances. Below is Richard's email explaining the concept in more detail:

Establishing the Dean National Media Network of Creative Talent

I had a long conversation with Nicco (webmaster, video) at DeanForAmerica about 10 ten days ago. One of the things they still need, among many things, from the Dean supporters are PHOTOS from venues where Dean appears, preferably mixing with people vs just on a stage.

There is also a need for coordination of video assets that are avail all over the web -- so more people (and city-sites) know about them, and to push more media out showing Dean in action. Moving broadcast quality video, DVD quality and even quicktime media fluidly from city to city is important and requires coordination. There are asset management issues, there are general questions like "I shot this video and I don't know where to send it"...

Third, there is a need to identify pro video photographers in Meetup cities who can cover Dean at local appearances -- wherever he might be -- then get that video fed back to the Campaign and to State/Regional/City sites.

Fourth, a number of creative folks in LA, SF, NY and elsewhere have been developing targeted ads to introduce Dean to their city's various communities of people. We also need more people, and want to identify who these people are in each Meetup city.

Such as: Video Photographers & Editors, Ad Producers, Still Photographers, Designers, Illustrators, Flash Animators, Writers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, Music Composers, Production Artists/HTML Builders, and any other creative personnel.

For all these reasons, I discussed with Nicco that having a single place for compilation of these resources would make coordination of these creative efforts much easier -- and speed up the whole process of message creation and distribution thru web, DVD, print, broadcast media.

Nicco stated the Dean Campaign itself is not that coordinating place, largely due to the boundaries that need to be maintained between "Campaign" and grassroots volunteers.

Therefore, SanFranciscoForDean took on the task to coordinate Media talent in forming a National Media Network. Meetup is right upon us. What we're asking Dean Supporters in all Meetup cities across the country to do is: At your Meetup meeting, specifically ask and solicit within your Meetup group: Who are the professional crreative media personnel who would volunteer their services for Dean in these areas: Video Photographers & Editors, Ad Producers, Still Photographers, Designers, Illustrators, Flash Animators, Writers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, Music Composers, Production Artists/HTML Builders, and any other creative personnel.

The intention is not that all of these people come together on a national project. The intent is to be able to share media assets -- and ideas that work -- so that appeals to take a look at Howard Dean are targeted for different voting segments.

PLEASE HELP AND SUPPORT THIS COORDINATION EFFORT by having your Meetup Group coordinator gather this information and post it
to the SF website here:

Thanks very much!
Richard Hoefer, Media Committee

(note to Richard: get a dedicated blog to this effort set up and send me an icon, and I'll link to it from the Dean Blog directly)


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