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Monday, May 12, 2003


Status of the 'Non-Plan'

posted by Joe at Monday, May 12, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
The second-most-detailed health care plan in the Democratic race for president is about to become tied for first:
Former Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont will unveil details on Tuesday of a health care plan that his aides argued would cost less than half of one offered by Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, a fellow Democratic presidential candidate. They also said it would bring more Americans into the system.

Dr. Dean's plan would expand programs that offer health coverage to children of the working poor; provide a new private insurance benefit, with a tax credit, for people who cannot afford even reduced premiums; and give tax incentives to businesses that offer coverage.

"We're going to do it as a side-by-side with Gephardt's plan," said Dr. Dean's campaign manager, Joe Trippi. "It will provide coverage for more Americans than the Gephardt plan and would cost under half of what the Gephardt plan would cost."

Mr. Gephardt would repeal most of President Bush's tax cut to pay for a universal health care plan that by some estimates would cost $247 billion by the third year.

Dr. Dean, a physician, would expand a current program that subsidizes health care for children of the working poor to cover people up to age 25 and to adults who meet income guidelines.

Mr. Trippi said the package also would offer private coverage equivalent to that given to federal workers at reduced rates.

Since many people get insurance coverage through the workplace, Mr. Trippi said the Dean plan also would focus on employers. For employers of more than a specified number of workers, Dr. Dean would put in place tax incentives for providing health insurance. Businesses that drop coverage could face a tax penalty, which he figures would make it more likely that employers would continue coverage.
Even before he reveals his full plan, Dean is the candidate with the most serious health care proposal except for Dick Gephardt, who has a very detailed plan that won't cover me. With Dean putting out his full proposal, the question becomes: how long can the other serious candidates go without publishing theirs?


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