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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Janeane Garofalo, how we love thee...

posted by annatopia at Tuesday, August 19, 2003 permalink View blog reactions
Check out this transript of last night's Crossfire, which featured one of my favorite ladies, Janeane Garofalo. Not only did she make Tucker Carlson look like a blithering idiot a few times, but she also had a few kind words for our candidate:
CARLSON: Now that contributions are rolling into his presidential campaign, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is waffling on his pledge to adhere to spending limits. Just five months ago, Dean told the Associated Press that, in the name of clean campaigning, he would accept public matching funds and the spending restrictions that go along with that money. Last week, Dean couldn't seem that recall that promise, telling the AP -- quote -- "Could we change our mind? Sure." In other words, Dean supports the principle of publicly-financed campaigns, until that principle conflicts with his political ambitions, at which point it is negotiable. Keep in mind that Howard Dean is running as the only man left in the Democratic Party who has integrity. And maybe he is. Low standards. May he is.
(LAUGHTER) GAROFALO: I would say that Howard Dean is being very pragmatic, in that the Bush campaign flouts any rules whatsoever. There's no caps on his spending or how much he can bring in. And since corporate America loves George Bush, for obvious reasons, he is going to -- Howard Dean has to complete with millions and millions of dollars.
CARLSON: Wait a second, changing the goal posts here. Bush has opted out in the last campaign, says: I'm not going to -- I'm playing by different rules.
GAROFALO: Right. That's so he doesn't have to have any caps. That's so he can have unlimited fund-raising and unlimited spending.
CARLSON: That's exactly right, which is legal.
Howard Dean has said: I'm holding myself to a higher standard because I'm a much better man than George W. Bush is, a much better man than you are out there, Mr. and Mrs. America. I'm a great man.
GAROFALO: Well, he is a better man. He is a better man than George Bush.
CARLSON: And now I'm going back on it.
GAROFALO: He is a better man than George Bush.

Methinks the audience agreed with Janeane. If you wish, you may email Janeane via her agent and thank her for her thoughtful remarks on Crossfire.


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